Larford Winter Individual Silver Fish League

29th October 23 – 4th February 2024 20 anglers took part in the 6 leg series, allowing competitors to drop their worst result. The event was run by way of a points score with weight being the deciding factor in the event of a points tie. Overall positions after the 6 rounds :- (top 6) 1st Jordan Holloway 7 points […]

Larford Lakes Commercial Feeder Championship Tuesday 17th October- 20th October 2023

Match & Specimen Lakes. 60 anglers were booked on for this popular 4 day feeder only festival here at Larford Lakes. Each angler drew daily for 2 days on the Specimen / Arena Lakes and 2 days on the Match Lake. The festival was scored by way of points with overall weight deciding in the event of a points tie. […]

Larford Lakes Open, Specimen Lake, Sunday 20th August 2023

18 anglers fished todays open. Conditions were windy & bright sunshine with highs of around 23C. Overall winner was Andy Christie from peg 3 on the Specimen Burr with 173-6-0. Andy caught short and down his edges with meat & sweetcorn over ground bait, landing carp and bream. 2nd overall was young James Geddes who drew peg 16 on the […]

Open Match, Match & Specimen Lakes, Saturday 19th August 2023

Weights continue to be very impressive. 15 anglers fished todays match with 10 weights over 100lbs and two weights recording big 200lbs weights. Winner today from Specimen Lake peg 5 was Ray Lamb with a massive 290-4-0 Ray caught short and down his edges over ground bait and worm hook baits. Ray’s catch was all carp with a number of […]

Larford Open, Speci Lake, Sunday 13th August 2023

Some great weights again on this latest open. Winner today from peg 4 on the Speci Burr was Chris Edwards with 187-15-0. Chris caught on the method short and pole down his edges. 2nd overall was Rob Cooksey, beaten by just 1oz with 187-14-0 from peg 1 on the burr. Rob caught short to depth on the pole landing over […]

Match & Specimen Lakes 34 anglers booked onto this years 5 day festival. Weights were superb all week with a massive weight of fish shared between all the competitors. In all, a total of 19.446lbs of fish was weighed in which averaged 114.5lbs per man of fish per day. Carp to 28lbs were weighed in with most carp averaging between […]

Anthony Jordan Memorial Saturday 29th July 2023

Match & Specimen Lakes 50 anglers fished the 9th Anthony Jordan memorial match. The attendance demonstrating how popular Anthony was at the fishery. Winner of the event was Steve Forster who drew peg 20 on the Match Burr. Steve caught all day down his edges, fishing paste over ground bait and pellet weighing in an impressive 228-3-0 made up if […]

Silver Fish Festival Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd February 2023

Specimen Burr & Specimen Chalet Bank, 21 anglers fishing. A fantastic 4 days fishing despite difficult conditions. Temperatures at around 6-7°C, north winds but free of rain. The 21 field of anglers fished long pole and 8m lines, catching quality bream to 4lbs and plenty of skimmers between 8oz to 2lbs. There were also good bags of quality roach and […]

Anthony Jordan Memorial, Larford Lakes, Saturday 30th July 2022

Match & Specimen Lakes A great turnout for this yearly memorial match with 50 anglers fishing. Winner overall was Neil Colcombe with a superb 221-12-0 from peg 14 on the Match Lake. Neil fished mainly down his edges on pellet and corn landing an all carp catch with fish to 15lbs. Second on the day was Dan Bache from peg […]

Larford Silver Fish Festival, 4 day, Monday 21st – Thursday 24th February 2022

The Larford Specimen Lake hosted 40 anglers for this very popular festival. Extremely heavy rain fall over a period of two weeks just before the festival presented us with big problems. Flood barriers were fixed at both Ironbridge and Bewdley forcing volumes of flood water our way. The river left its banks, flooding all the lower land between Bewdley and […]

Larford Silver Fish Festival Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th November 2021

Specimen Lake, Burr & Chalet banks. 28 anglers turned out for the November Silver Fish Festival. Pegged on the Speci Lake with 2, 7 peg sections down the burr bank and 2, 7 peg sections on the Chalet bank. The festival was scored by the way of points with weight deciding in the event of a points tie. Day 1 […]

Larford Commercial Feeder Championship

Match & Specimen Lakes, 54 anglers fished. Day 1 Tuesday 12th October. The opening day was fine weather with highs of around 17C. Match Lake Winner on the Match Lake was Ray Lamb with 135-10-0. Second overall was Warren Jennings with 123-9-0 Third overall was Paul Cook with 121-12-0 Specimen Lake Winner on the Specimen Lake was Neil McKinnon with […]

Commercial Feeder Championship

Once again Larford Lakes is hosting the Commercial feeder where the feeder championship is fished over four days with the winner walking away with up to £2000.  To book on visit  

Larford Lakes Summer Festival Monday 2nd – Friday 6th August

Lakes – Match & Specimen            40 anglers fished A fantastic festival was enjoyed by all with both the Specimen and Match Lakes producing some stunning weights. The Specimen Lake produced quality carp to the pellet waggler, short pole and down the edge late. Also massive bags of bream to the pole with meat and corn fishing at just 6m or […]

Golden Reel Qualifier no 5 Larford Lakes top 15 results. Saturday 15th May 2021


Larford Lakes Open, Sunday 25th April 2021, Match Lake.

The Match Lake at Larford Lakes is on fire with massive weights coming out on both open and club matches. Winner of Sundays open was Neil Colcombe who drew peg 8 . Neil fished down his edge with pellet and corn landing a massive 313-9-0. 2nd to the frame was Chris Cameron (Middy) from peg 7 with 279-4-0 all on […]

Winter Individual Larford Feeder League 2020/21

New for 2020/21, an individual feeder fishing league. 60 pegs fished by way of points and weight being the decider in the event of a points tie. Fished over both the Specimen and Match Lakes. Each angler will have 3 matches on the Specimen Lake and 3 Matches on the Match Lake (6 match series.) Rules are exactly the same […]

Larford Summer Festival 2020,  Day 4

  Section A Grass bank Match Lake Peg 28 Mick Todd 186-15-0 Section B Burr Match lake Peg 44 Andy Power 90-15-0 Section C Speci Burr Peg 26 Andrew Morley 71-8-0 Section D Speci Chalet Peg 70 Terry Winston 136-4-0   Lake Winners- Mick Todd 186-15-0 Match Lake Terry Winston 136-4-0 Specimen Lake

Larford Summer Festival 2020, After 3 Days

  Name Overall Weight Pts Steve Forster 594-13-0 3 Steve Butler 369-13-0 6 Andy Morley 323-11-0 8 Andy Power 289-12-0 8 Steve Booker 262-12-0 8 Chris Gorrell 250-08-0 9 John Foster 243-14-0 9 Neil Cottam 282-09-0 10 Ray Lamb 235-09-0 10 Dave Whiting 307-06-0 11  

Larford Summer Festival 2020, Days 1 &2

              Day 1 section winners :- Sec A Match Grass Bank peg 28 Mark Cordall 136-7-0 Sec B Match Burr peg 38 Steve Forster 183-3-0 Sec C Speci Burr peg 8 Andy Power 90-15-0 Sec D Speci Chalet peg 73 Martin Room 68-3-0   Day 2 Section Winners:- Sec A Match Grass Bank peg […]