Match & Specimen Lakes

34 anglers booked onto this years 5 day festival.
Weights were superb all week with a massive weight of fish shared between all the competitors.

In all, a total of 19.446lbs of fish was weighed in which averaged 114.5lbs per man of fish per day.
Carp to 28lbs were weighed in with most carp averaging between 15-18lbs. On top of these huge carp weights, massive bags of bream were also recorded.
Biggest single bream catch of the week went to Jordan Holloway with 97Kg (215lbs) all caught short on the pole and method feeder.

All tactics worked well with the method feeder, long & short pole and bomb & pellet all working well.
Many of the field catching on caster, dead reds, pellet and paste hook baits.

With a Silverfish Individual League fast approaching, anglers should look to book on now because the league is certain to sell out because weights of bream and roach will top and Silverfish venues throughout the UK.
To book onto the Silverfish Individual League Tel 01299 829373 or 07774 703067

So in all a fabulous festival decided by way of points with weight being the deciding factor.
The silverfish fishing was also outstanding with multiple 60-100lbs weights recorded each day.

Top 5 Overall

    Points Kgs Lbs
1st Jordan Holloway 7 533.27 1175.70
2nd Steve Forster 8 573.38 1264.10
3rd Dale Shepherd 9 496.90 1095.50
4th Tom McGrath 12 370.10 815.90
5th Paul Cook 13 343.53 757.30
NameMonday ptsKgsTuesday ptsKgsWednesday ptsKgsThursday ptsKgFriday ptsKgPts totalKgs totalLbs total
J HOLLOWAY2131.16199.62185.72122.37194.427533.271175.7
S FORSTER1129.82272.471178.46384.171108.468573.381264.1
D SHEPHERD1148.91457.32257.251135.92197.59496.91095.5
T MCGRATH392.69181.75356.97174.57464.1212370.1815.9
P COOK475.36180.121101.97238.85547.2313343.53757.3
M TODD179.32738.47367.64188.44293.8214367.69810.6
R CLEMENT188.32470.92636.87378.08153.9515328.14723.4
J FORSTER265.25274.55540.32175.59554.3415310.05683.5
A MORLEY392.76541.08451.5282.02275.8716343.23756.7
C JONES297.52357.77543.62264.35452.716315.96696.6
N COLCOMBE454.4379.07261.7456.77455.8717307.81678.6
W JENNINGS466292.98173.4722.95648.0220303.35668.8
S ROCK562.1736.37281.68429.92251.720261.77577.1
J JONES755.91126.9270.02912.2285.0821350.1771.8
R LAMB361.5359.47447.75737442.621248.32547.5
W BODEN359.8371.8829.2351553.422265.2584.7
D WHITING273.25457.1466.62725.64541.6522264.26582.6
T WINSTONE833.56268.97446.02630.78369.7823249.11549.2
R NICHOLS648.04640.9349.62331.3634.0524203.91449.5
M HAWTHORN739.68550.07366.02528.55639.1726223.49492.7
D PICTON646.7444.4637.4446.54742.9427217.98480.6
J MAKIN553.75546.9853490367.3527202.08445.5
W WINSTONE549.198.4735.57531.98342.7729167.82370
M CORDALL558.25639.42636.3535.982530194.87429.6
J HANMER841.6819.28540.75624353.4230179.05394.7
P MORLEY643.4737.47733.25446.9725.2531186.27410.7
C CLARK455.57833.77813.45630.3647.9632181.05399.1
B BALL655.97643.62830.55626.27735.3533191.76422.8
A HARRISON745.98740.4623.1723.62733.4534166.55367.2
C COLLINS819.52824.42726.02821.15826.0739117.18258.3
P GOULD727.9789.17713.52824.5903975.16165.7
P ROYDS940.32639.47100530.4710040110.26243.1
R BLEASE826.57 ,920.27815.72820.3904282.86182.7
D PARKER926.12550.1920.821001004397.04213.9