Larford Lakes Open, Sunday 25th April 2021, Match Lake.

The Match Lake at Larford Lakes is on fire with massive weights coming out on both open and club matches.

Winner of Sundays open was Neil Colcombe who drew peg 8 .
Neil fished down his edge with pellet and corn landing a massive 313-9-0.

2nd to the frame was Chris Cameron (Middy) from peg 7 with 279-4-0 all on corn and pellet short and down the edge.

3rd overall was Steve Rocke from peg 6 with 235-4-0 all caught short and down the edge.

4th placed Neil McKinnon (Preston) drew peg 11 landing 164-10-0 all  caught short and down the edge.

Next open Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd May – Match Lake