Larford Classic Qualifier Sunday 11th September 2016



30 anglers Fished the Specimen Lake for the Larford Classic Qualifier


Conditions were warm & breezy, highs of 19c


Neil Colcombe (Larford) won the day with good fish on the pellet waggler and and later short on meat catching carp to 15lbs.

Neil also caught some quality bream to finish the day with 141-15-00 from peg 76

Neil qualifies for the May 2017 final


2nd on the day was Danny Baker (Tredegar AC) who drew peg 72.

Danny caught a number of quality carp on the pellet waggler and later caught at 6m with meat to finish the day with 141-04-00.

Danny also qualifies for the final


3rd on the day was Mick Bull (Frenzee) who drew peg 51 landing 107-14-00 to pellet waggler and long pole.


4th placed Andy crocker drew peg 64 finishing the day with 105-06-00. Andy won his section


5th placed Phil Briscoe (Larford) drew peg 62, finishing the day with 103-08-00 and a section win.


6th on the day was Duncan Newton (Tredegar AC) who drew peg 68 landing 103-07-00


Qualifiers for the May final are Neil Colcombe & Danny Baker

Qualifiers so far-

1stWinter Wonders63 pts
2ndTredegar AC75pts
3rdGarbolino & Larford77pts

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