Open Match, Match & Specimen Lakes, Saturday 19th August 2023

Weights continue to be very impressive. 15 anglers fished todays match with 10 weights over 100lbs and two weights recording big 200lbs weights.

Winner today from Specimen Lake peg 5 was Ray Lamb with a massive 290-4-0
Ray caught short and down his edges over ground bait and worm hook baits.
Ray’s catch was all carp with a number of fish over 20lbs.

Second overall was Neil Colcombe from peg 6 on the Specimen Lake with 273-0-0.
Neil caught short and down his edges with the pole fishing meat and corn hook baits over ground bait.

Third to frame was Simon Woodfield with 187-4-0 from the Match Lake peg 9.
Most of Simon’s fish were caught short and down his edges.
Simon won his lake.

Fourth was Mark Hawthorne from peg 1 on the Specimen Lake with 159-14-0.

Fifth overall was Scott Rhodes from peg 8 on the Match Lake with 154-14-0.
Scott was second on the Match Lake.

A total of 2145lbs was weighed in average 153lbs per man.

Specimen Lake

Peg Name Weight
1 Mark Hawthorne 159-14-0
2 Paul Cook 152-4-0
3 Russell Ball 63-9-0
4 Emily 69-11-0
5 Ray Lamb 290-4-0
6 Neil Colcombe 273-0-0
7 Jack O Sullivan 119-2-0
8 John Hooper DNW


Match Lake

3 Aide Twist 146-8-0
4 Ash Dixon 137-12-0
5 James Woodfire 137-13-0
6 Robin Shaw 124-0-0
7 Rory Copeland 127-11-0
8 Scott 154-14-0
9 Simon Woodfield 187-4-0