Larford Winter league Round 5 | Sunday 6th January 2019

First place was Jordan Holloway (Catch More) from peg 16, with a weight of 102-08-00.
Jordan caught on long pole and pellet.

Second on the day was Steve Ford (Mosella / Bag’em) who drew peg 10 on the Match Lake.
Steve caught on bomb and bread, landing 92-01-00.

Third in the frame was Chris Senter (Mossella UK) from peg 52 on the Match Burr bank. Chris caught on long pole and pellet, weighing in 89-05-00.

Fourth was Max G (Larford) from peg 18 on the Specimen Burr and weighed in 87-04-00 to long pole and pellet.

Fifth on the day was Liam Dennick (Haribo) from peg 56 on the Match Lake. Liam weighed in 76-10-00, catching in long pole and pellet.

Sixth was Grant Allbutt (Drennan / Dynamite) from peg 46 on the Match Lake, weighing in 74-09-00 and catching on long pole and dead reds.

Section Winners
Section A Jordan Holloway
Section B Chris Senter
Section C Max G
Section D Mick Bull

Classic Qualifier – Neil McKinnon


NameMonday ptsKgsTuesday ptsKgsWednesday ptsKgsThursday ptsKgFriday ptsKgPts totalKgs totalLbs total
J HOLLOWAY2131.16199.62185.72122.37194.427533.271175.7
S FORSTER1129.82272.471178.46384.171108.468573.381264.1
D SHEPHERD1148.91457.32257.251135.92197.59496.91095.5
T MCGRATH392.69181.75356.97174.57464.1212370.1815.9
P COOK475.36180.121101.97238.85547.2313343.53757.3
M TODD179.32738.47367.64188.44293.8214367.69810.6
R CLEMENT188.32470.92636.87378.08153.9515328.14723.4
J FORSTER265.25274.55540.32175.59554.3415310.05683.5
A MORLEY392.76541.08451.5282.02275.8716343.23756.7
C JONES297.52357.77543.62264.35452.716315.96696.6
N COLCOMBE454.4379.07261.7456.77455.8717307.81678.6
W JENNINGS466292.98173.4722.95648.0220303.35668.8
S ROCK562.1736.37281.68429.92251.720261.77577.1
J JONES755.91126.9270.02912.2285.0821350.1771.8
R LAMB361.5359.47447.75737442.621248.32547.5
W BODEN359.8371.8829.2351553.422265.2584.7
D WHITING273.25457.1466.62725.64541.6522264.26582.6
T WINSTONE833.56268.97446.02630.78369.7823249.11549.2
R NICHOLS648.04640.9349.62331.3634.0524203.91449.5
M HAWTHORN739.68550.07366.02528.55639.1726223.49492.7
D PICTON646.7444.4637.4446.54742.9427217.98480.6
J MAKIN553.75546.9853490367.3527202.08445.5
W WINSTONE549.198.4735.57531.98342.7729167.82370
M CORDALL558.25639.42636.3535.982530194.87429.6
J HANMER841.6819.28540.75624353.4230179.05394.7
P MORLEY643.4737.47733.25446.9725.2531186.27410.7
C CLARK455.57833.77813.45630.3647.9632181.05399.1
B BALL655.97643.62830.55626.27735.3533191.76422.8
A HARRISON745.98740.4623.1723.62733.4534166.55367.2
C COLLINS819.52824.42726.02821.15826.0739117.18258.3
P GOULD727.9789.17713.52824.5903975.16165.7
P ROYDS940.32639.47100530.4710040110.26243.1
R BLEASE826.57 ,920.27815.72820.3904282.86182.7
D PARKER926.12550.1920.821001004397.04213.9