Larford Winter League Round 3 Sunday 1st December 2019

1st individually on the day was Rich Lawson, fishing for Brians boys on the Match Grass peg 28 and caught on pole & pellet to weigh 55-10-0.

second individually on the day was Darren Fisher (Vikings) from peg 54 on the Match Burr.
Darren caught on the long pole and pellet weighing in 47-11-0.

Third was Neil McKinnon (Misfits), landing 45-16-0 from peg 8 on the Arena Lake to the method.

Fourth on the day was Stu Cambell (Cookies Monsters).
Stu drew peg 46 on the Match Burr and weighed in 42-1-0, catching on the long pole & pellet.

Fifth, was Warren Jennings (Bag’em) from peg 50. Warren caught on the long pole and pellet to weigh 28-3-0.

Sixth overall was Adam Jones (Milo) from peg 52 on the Match Lake and weighed in 21-3-0 to the pole & pellet with an all F1 catch.

Section winners –

A – Rich Lawson
B – Darren Fisher
C – Brian Clark
D – Neil McKinnon

Teams on the day –

1st Brians boys 11 pts
2nd Misfits 16 pts (Weight)
3rd Bag’em 16 pts
4th Cookie Monsters 17 pts
5th Milo 18 pts
6th Vikings 20 pts
7th Bait Tech 20 pts
8th Telford TT 27 pts


After 3 Rounds

Cookie Monsters 41 pts
Misfits 42 pts
Bag’em 54 pts
Brians Boys 55 pts
Vikings 58 pts
Telford TT 59 pts
Milo 61 pts
Bait Tech 65 pts