Larford Winter League Final Round 6 Sunday 12th January 2020

The final round had everything to play for with the top 4 teams all within 3 points of each other, fishing on the Specimen, Match and Arena Lakes.

Individuals on the day all produced fantastic weight with Steve Rocke (BaitTec) weighing in 136-15-0 from peg 4 on the Specimen Lake.
Steve landed quality carp to the method fished at distance with various waffter hook baits.

Second overall was Ian Giddens (Winter Wonders) who drew peg 28 on the Match Lake.
Ian had most of his carp and F1 catch fishing down his edges with maggot fished over ground bait to weigh in 133-4-0.

Third on the day was Scott Poynton (Vikings) from peg 14 on the Match Lake.
Scott also caught most of his carp and F1 catch fishing his edges with maggot and groundbait weighing in 103-12-0

Fourth to the frame was Liam Dennick (Misfits) from peg 50 on the Match Lake.
Liam fished pellet on the long pole weighing in 88-9-0.

Fifth overall was Chris Senter (Cookies Monsters) from peg 58 on the Match Lake.
Chris fished the long pole with maggot and later down his edges with corn to weigh in 82-2-0.

Sixth overall was Neil Colcombe (Bait Tec) with 77-14-0 from peg 1 on the Arena Lake.
Neil had all his carp fishing 13m pole with corn and a few on the method long.

Teams on the Day :-

1st Misfits 12 pts
2nd Vikings 14 pts
3rd Bait Tec 15 pts
4th Telford TT 17 pts
5th Cookies Monsters 19 pts


Overall league after the sixth and final round –

1st Misfits 96 pts
2nd Cookies Monsters 100 pts
3rd Winter Wonders 103 pts (weight advantage)
4th Brians Boys 103 pts
5th Bait Tec 110 pts
6th Vikings 116 pts
7th Telford TT 124 pts
8th Milo MG 124 pts


The final round produced an overall cumulative weight of 1483 lbs average per man, 46 lbs.
Very good winter weights.