Larford Winter League 2016

Winter League

The Larford Winter League is in full swing with the first round match that took place on 30th October 2016.




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The teams this year are-


Cumbran Nobblers

Mufflers Divers

Golden Reel Larford

Old Ghost

Tredegar AC

HT Angling

Cookies Monsters

Salad Diggers

Brian’s Boys

Maver Harescombe

Winter Wonders

Sheila’s Boys

PR Floats


So far the standings are – 

1stMuffers Divers (collecting £1,100)135
2ndCookies Monsters (collecting £850)149
3rdLarford Golden Reel (collecting £550)151
5thBag-em Winter Wonders159
4thTredegar AC (collecting £300)154
8thOld Ghost179
9thSalad Dodgers190
7thHT Angling171
10thCwmbran Nobblers194
12thMaver Harescombe206
11thBrian's Boys197
13thPR Floats223
14thSheila's Boys237