Larford Winter Individual Silver Fish League

29th October 23 – 4th February 2024

20 anglers took part in the 6 leg series, allowing competitors to drop their worst result.
The event was run by way of a points score with weight being the deciding factor in the event of a points tie.

Overall positions after the 6 rounds :- (top 6)

1st Jordan Holloway 7 points 287-12-0 cumulative
2nd Paul Cook 7 points 225-5-0
3rd Ray Lamb 7 points 174-12-0
4th Matt Powell 8 points 231-12-0
5th Warren Jennings 8 points 179-3-0
6th Martin Page 9 points 163-10-0


Total weight returned over the 6 matches – (some anglers failed to register for the full series)


Best individual single weight from 6-round series (top 4)
105-10-0 Jordan Holloway
86-12-0 Martin Page
77-5-0 Paul Cook
62-9-0 Ray Lamb

All Bream & Roach