Larford Open, Speci Lake, Sunday 13th August 2023

Some great weights again on this latest open.

Winner today from peg 4 on the Speci Burr was Chris Edwards with 187-15-0.
Chris caught on the method short and pole down his edges.

2nd overall was Rob Cooksey, beaten by just 1oz with 187-14-0 from peg 1 on the burr.
Rob caught short to depth on the pole landing over 100lbs of bream, later catching on carp on corn with fish to 20lbs.

3rd was Jordan Holloway from peg 3 on the Chalet bank.
Jordan caught 70-80lbs of bream shallow on meat then caught down his edge on worm to finish up with 172-14-0.

4th was Ray Lamb from peg 4 on the chalet bank, landing 160-3-0.

5th was Darren Fisher from peg 6 on the Burr bank, landing 155-10-0