Larford Open Classic Sunday 2nd October 2016

18 Angler fished the Specimen Lake Chalet Bank.


1st place Ian Wood (Larford) drew peg 62, fished paste short, landing 147-10-00.


2nd on the day Garry lewis (Tredegar Angling) drew peg 74, fished method, bomb & pellet and his edge, landing 110-09-00


3rd placed Glynn Reynolds ( Frenzee) drew peg 78 fished paste & 5m with 101-01-00


4th on the day Chris Jones (Frenzee) drew peg 58, fished short / meat weighing 97-06-00


5th placed Mick Bull (Frenzee) drew peg 54, caught Hibred- feeder to weigh 92-05-00


6th Warren Jennings drew peg 66, to weigh 70-01-00