Larford Lakes Winter League Round 4 Sunday 16th December 2019

32 anglers fished the Match, Specimen and Arena Lakes.
The round 4 field faced very difficult conditions with a  further deluge of rain for most of the week prior to this latest round and further heavy rain the night before the event.
Temperatures were little more than 5C so a tough match faced the teams.

Overall winner was Neil McKinnon (Missfits) who drew peg 1 on the Arena Lake.
Neil fished a small method with punched bread or waffter hook baits landing a superb 91-3-0 of prime carp.

Second overall was Phil Briscoe (Brians Boys) who drew peg 8 on the Arena Lake.
Phil fished the bomb with punched bread hook baits landing carp to 20lbs and a total of 75-9-0.

Third on the day was Brian Clark (Brian’s boys) from peg 7 on the Specimen Lake.
Brian targeted the skimmers with the cage feeder and long pole weighing in 31-12-0 of silvers.

Fourth overall was Dan Bache (Bag’em Winter Wonders) with 27-12-0 of silvers and F1’s from peg 48 on the Match Burr.

Fifth placed Ian Giddens (Bag’em Winter Wonders) drew fancied peg 28 on the Match Lake.
Ian caught on the long pole weighing in a level 27-0-0.

Sixth to the frame was Mark Skidmore (BaitTec) from peg 52 on the Match Lake with 26-6-0.

Teams on the day (Round 4)

1st Winter Wonders 7pts
2nd Brians Boys 10pts
3rd Milo MGM 17 pts
4th Bait Tec 19 pts
5th Missfits 20 pts
6th Cookie Monsters 22 pts
7th Telford TT 26 pts
8th Vikings 30 pts


Overall Teams after 4 rounds.

1st Winter wonders 61pts
2nd Missfits 62 pts
3rd Cookie Monsters 63 pts
4th Brian’s Boys 65 pts
5th Milo MGM 78 pts
6th Bait Tec 84 pts
7th Telford TT 85 pts
8th Vikings 88 pts