Larford Lakes Open Match Results

Sunday’s Larford Lakes Open Match saw 32 anglers finish.

Weather was mild with scattered sunshine highs of 21C

Superb weights were achieved on the day with pellet waggler proving to be the method for the day.

1Glyn Reynolds (frenzee)8Pole and paste206-05-00
2Scott Poynton (0ld Ghost)12Method feeder and pole down the edge164-08-00
3Paul Cook (Marks Tackle)60Pole short with meat and method feeder149-14-00
4Steve Ayres (Frenzee)28Pole short with meat and method feeder124-12-00
5Chris Senter (Shakespeare)72Pole short meat119-01-00
6Stu Holmewood (Scorpion)16Meat short and method feeder106-12-00