Larford Lakes Open Match Results


Saturday’s Larford Lakes Open Match saw 27 anglers finish on the Match Lake


Weather was warm and bright.



Winner on the day was Neil Colcombe (larford) who drew peg 22. Neil caught on pole and pellet short and later caught down his edge to finish with 138.10.0.

Second on the day was Chris Goergen (France) who drew peg 35 landing 130.3.0.of carp to short pole and meat.he also caught late down his edge.

3rd place went to Richie Lawson who drew peg 14 weighing 95.9.0.

2Muffers Divers18pts
5Golden Reel Larford24pts
3Old Ghost22pts
1Bag-em Winter Wonders12pts
4Tredegar AC23pts