Larford Lakes Open Match Results

Open Match on our Specimen lake 24th July 2016

33 Anglers Finished

Conditions – breezy, mild


A Slow start for the majority of anglers. Fish caught on both pellet waggler, bomb & pellet with large carp caught later in the match down the edges.


Winner on the day was Dan Hull (Dynamite Baits) who drew peg 66.

Dan caught all his fish on pellet waggler, weighing in at 164-5-0

Dan collected £100


2nd on the day was Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations) who drew peg 16.

Neil caught his fish on the method and later down his edge.

Neil also weighed 2 carp totaling 35lbs, his overall weight was 156-6-0


3rd placed was Mick Bull (Frenzee) landed 129-11-0 from peg 82.

All of Mick’s fish were caught from down his edge.


1Andy Morley24Paste & pellet Short138-01-00
1John Forster27Paste & pellet Short138-01-00
3Matt Blackmore (Garbolino consultant and Dynamite Baits)12Bomb Pellet & short Meat116-01-00
4Steve Foster15Pellet & Paste104-14-00
5Pete Morley997-08-00
6Mick Todd3097-04-00