Larford Lakes Matches Update

A number of people have asked when will the matches be going on again.
In truth, I would welcome matches back tomorrow but the reality is that matches are unsafe at the moment.
The truth is the competitors won’t keep their social distancing, putting people at risk as well as the organisers.
We must await government guidelines which are clear to all.
Organised gatherings, whatever the event or sport are AGAINST the rules.
Every club, organiser and responsible fishery should await government instruction which I’m sure will be announced shortly.
In the meantime, clubs and responsible fisheries get a grip.
We are not ready for close contact fishing matches and the small majority flaunting the rules may well help contribute to further spread of the virus and possible increase to the already devastating and tragic death toll.
I for one will not be amused if we see our sport closed which could well happen if competition mass gatherings are conducted behind government guidelines.

We all want competition angling back. For that to happen, lets apply some common sense rather than dangerous short term financial gain.