Larford Lakes Classic Qualifier | Saturday 3rd November 2018

18 anglers fished the Match Lake for this latest Classic Qualifier.

Winner of the qualifier was Simon Harris with a weight of 153-02-00.
Simon caught from peg 47 fished the short pole and pellet.

2nd overall was Pete Jones from peg 59 weighing in 124-07-00.
Pete caught on pole and pellet plus the bomb.

3rd placed Neil Colcombe drew peg 50 weighing in 123-10-00 to pole and pellet.

4th to frame was Martin Harrell from peg 53.
Martin fished the pole and method to weigh in 121-00-00.

5th placed Neil Parkes drew peg 56 weighing in 111-02-00.

6th overall was Steve Rocke from peg 13 weighing in 106-04-00 to pole and pellet.

Qualifier :- Simon Harris