Larford Feeder Qualifier Saturday 17th August 2019

Specimen Lake.

The burr bank of the Specimen lake hosted the 11 anglers for this latest feeder qualifier.
The numbers were made up to 15 in total as certain anglers who have already qualified were allowed to fish for the pools on the day only.

Winner, and making his way to the October final was Fran Oreilly with a weight of 102-2-0 from peg 6.
Fran fished both the bomb and pellet and method at distance landing carp and bream.

Second on the day was Mark Hawthorne (HT Angling / Purdy Brushes) from peg 8.
Mark caught on the method with waffters, weighing in 93-15-0.

Third on the day was Trevor Wyse (Tom Thick Baits / Cobra / Mossella) with 81-4-0 on the bomb and pellet from peg 16.

Fourth to the frame was Alan Sutton (HT angling) from peg 10. Alan fished the method with waffters to weigh in 76-12-0.

Fifth overall was Mark Skidmore (HT angling) with 73-5-0 from peg 14.

Sixth placed Paul Collier drew peg 4 landing 71-4-0 to the method and waffters.