Larford Feeder Championships Round 2 Saturday 23rd June 2019

Specimen Lake

Conditions today were very warm with highs of 24C with no breeze and burning sun all day.
Needless to say, conditions were far from perfect for bottom fishing as most of the resident carp were swimming shallow.

Winner today and making his way to the October final was Gregg Newland (Leigh Tackle & Bait) with 88-00-00 of carp and bream from peg 8.
Gregg fished method feeder at around 30m with waffter hook bait.

Second overall was fishery owner, Phil Briscoe (Golden Reel / Larford) with 82-12-00 from peg 16.
Phil caught carp and bream early on the method fished from peg 18. Later, switching to bomb and pellet to land carp to 20lbs.

Third to frame was Mark Hawthorne (H.T. Angling / Bait Tec) from peg 22.
Mark caught on bomb and pellet for an all carp catch of 74-10-00.

Fourth placed Paul Collier (Leigh Tackle & Bait) drew peg 82 landing 59-08-00 to method feeder and pellet.

Qualifer Gregg Newland

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