Larford Bag’em Open Match 14th May 2017

Conditions were bright sunshine & showers with a strong breeze and cool temperatures of 14C. 30 anglers fished in difficult conditions and the carp were looking to spawn on the Specimen Lake.


1st was Brian Clark (Vespe) from peg 76 with a weight of 110-02-00 via method & orange waffter.


Mick Bull

2nd was Mick Bull (Frenzee Bag’em) from Peg 80 with a weight of 102-02-00 via 14.5m pole shallow with banded pellet.


3rd was Paul Williams (ABC Baits) from Peg 61 with a weight of 69-07-00 via worm & caster on 13.5m pole


4th was Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling) from Peg 88 with a weight 58-06-00 from down his edges and shallow on pole.


5th Danion Green (Marukyu) from Peg 74 with a weight of 53-04-00 via method and down the edge.


6th Ray Lamb (Larford) from Peg 63 with a weight of 37-12-00, short on the method