Day 3 Larford Mini Festival Saturday 1st October 2016 Speci Lake

Winner overall on day 3 was Neil Colcombe (Larford) who drew peg 12.

Neil caught on pellet waggler and down his edges to weigh a massive 250-01-00.

Neil also won the lake overall.


2nd on the day was Adam Sharman (AJ Larford) who drew peg 16.

Adam caught on bomb & Pellet with a few late fish down his edge to weigh 118-12-00


3rd on the day was Stuart Holmewood who drew peg 8

Stu finished the day with 114-06-00, most of his fish came to Method.


4th placed Paul Cook (Frenzee) weighed in 112-10-00 from peg 56.

Paul caught on pellet waggler and method.


5th overall was Shaun McCarthy who drew peg 72. Most of his fish came meat short and down his edge. Shaun finished the day with 109-03-00


6th placed Ray Lamb (Larford) drew peg 28 finishing the day with 103-05-00
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Leaders to date

Neil Colcombe 5 points
Paul Cook 5 points
Shaun McCarthy 6 points
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