Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes Classic Qualifier | Saturday 16th September 2017

Winner on the day was Martin Harrell with 224-04-00 from peg 28 on the Match Lake.

Martin fished method to the island and also qualified for the Larford Classic.


2nd was Chris Bradney with 124-04-00 from peg 12 fishing pole & pellet and method short


3rd on the day was Mark Hawthorne with 116-05-00 from peg 8 fishing short pole, ground bait, Mags in his margins.


4th was Mark Skidmore with 98-06-00 from peg 20


5th was Sam Shorrack with 97-13-00 from peg 16


6th was Rory Bleese with 86-00-00 from peg 24


Classic Qualifier – Martin Harrell