Colmic Bag’em Larford Lakes Pairs Round 3

Round three of the pairs took place on Saturday and was won individually by Simon Harris with a weight of 107-06-00 from peg 54 on the Match Lake.

Simon fished short with pellet and corn landing some quality carp and F1’s.


Second on the day was Martin Eddis who drew peg 46 on the Match Lake.

Martin fished the method and short on the pole with corn to weigh 61-08-00.


Third placed Brian Jones drew peg 52 on the Match Lake catching most of his fish short with corn to weigh 59-06-00.


Fourth placed Richie Lawson drew peg 48 catching most of his fish to the short pole with pellet and corn to weigh 52-04-00.


Fith on the day was neil Colcombe who drew peg 64 on the Specimen Lake. Neil fished the long pole with pellet and later on his short line with corn to weight 49-14-00


Sixth placed Paul Cook drew peg 68 on the Specimen Lake returning 45-03-00 to corn on the pole.


Teams on the day (top6)

1st Steve Rocke / Neil Colcombe 2 points
2nd Pete Jones / Alison Jones 3 points
3rd Simon Harris / Paul Bucknall 5 points
4th Alan Sutton / Martin Eddis 6 points (weight)
5th Mark Skidmore / Mark Hawthorne 6 points
6th Ray Lamb / Paul Cook 7 points (weight)


Overall after 3 rounds (top 6)

1st Simon Deakin / Rich Weaver 13 points
2nd Steve Rocke / Neil Colcombe 15 points
3rd Brian Clark / Rich Lawson 16 points
4th Ray Lamb / Paul Cook 17 points
5th Simon Harris / Paul Bucknall 19 points
6th Ian Wood / Brian Jones 20 points