Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes Open | Monday 28th May 2018

Conditions on the day were warm and muggy with very little breeze.

The winner from peg 86 on the Specimen Lake was Chris Bradney (Larford) with a fine catch of carp weighing in 198-11-00.

Chris caught on pole shallow with meat and pellet and pellet waggler with hard pellet.


2nd on the day was Harry Harris from peg 18 on the Match Lake. Harry fished short pole with hard pellet landing 137-15-00 of carp and F1’s.

3rd placed Steve Rocke who drew peg 16 on the Match Lake, landing 115-13-00 to pole and pellet.


4th on the day was Neil Colcombe who drew peg 12 on the Match Lake weighing in 97-09-00 to bomb & pellet and pole down his edge.


5th placed Richie Lawson (Total Angling) drew peg 2 on the Match Lake.

Richie fished long and shallow to weigh 94-00-00


6th in the frame was Baz Cox with 91-14-00 from peg 20 on the Match Lake.