Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes England Vs Wales| Sunday 22nd October 2017

England Vs Wales 2 day festival, 30 anglers fished, 15 English, 15 Wales.


Our 2 day international was fished on both the Speci & Match Lakes. The sections were scored on points and total weight decided the serious bragging rights.



Winner overall was Paul Cook (England) who drew peg 48 on the Match Burr on day 1 weighing 37-100Kg, Paul fished method.

Day 2 put him on peg 18 on the speci. He caught most of his fish on method weighing 52-080kgs.

Day 1 scored him 3 points & day 2 scored him 1 point.


2nd overall was Grant Albutt (England) who drew peg 21 on the speci on day 1 weighing 40-100kg. Grant caught on the method short scoring 4 points.

Day2 put him on peg 23 on the match lake. grant caught fishing the method to the island weighing 66-600kgs and a point score of 1


3rd on the festival was Steve Shaw (Wales) who scored 5 points over both days had a lesser overall 2 day weight.


4th overall was Danny Baker (Wales) scoring 5 points overall but again a lesser overall weight.


5th place went to Neil Colcombe (England) again with a 5 point score but a lesser overall weight.


In total Wales weighed 774-020 Kgs

England weighed 886-968Kgs.

So England have won the 2 day international and the serious bragging rights.


Section winners each day – 

Day 1 –

Match Grass (A) 63-080Kgs Shaun McCathy (Wakes)

Match Burr (B) 48.740Kgs Matt Blackmore (england)

Speci Burr (C) 65-880Kgs Dan Baker (Wales)

Speci Chalet (D) 68-420kgs Adam Sharman (England)

Day 2 – 

Match Grass (A) 66-600Kgs Grant Albutt (England)

Match Burr (B) 31-660Kgs Mikey Willams (Wales)

Speci Burr (C) 52-080Kgs Paul Cook (England)

Speci Chalet (D) 32 -800 Kgs Dan Hook (Wales)


Classic Qualifiers – 

Day 1 – Dan Baker & Steve Shaw.

Day 2 Grant Albutt & Andy Crocker.