Classic Qualifier – Match Lake

Twenty six (26) fished this latest qualifier and it was Maver rod Fran O’ Reilly who took the honours. Fishing from peg 42, Fran fished a method to the island to catch carp to 15lbs to finish the day well clear of the field with a superb 174-07-00. Fran qualifies for the Classic final in fine style.

Second on the day was Jack O Sullivan (Brian Clark Gas Fitters), who drew peg 35. Young Jack caught most of his quality carp down his margins to end the day with 126-02-00.

Third placed Mark Jones (Tredegar AC) drew peg 39 and also found quality carp down his margins landing 99-06-00.

Fourth placed Stuart Homewood (Scorpion) drew peg 64 landing 85-09-00 to short pole and banded hard pellets.


6Sean Stenson097-13-00
5Mark Skidmore103-11-00
4Scott Poynton113-01-00
3Mick Bull (Frenzee)82129-11-00
2Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations)16method and down his edge156-06-00
1Dan Hull (Dynamite Baits)66pellet waggler164-05-00


Francis O Reilly (Maver)
Qualifiers to date
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Richard Jones (Alan’s Tackle)
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Steve Ford (Daiwa / Old Ghost)
Chris Senter (Shakespeare)
Richard Clemence (Barnsley Bait Co)
Dave Roberts (Tri-cast / Bait-Tech)
Martin Howard
Dan Hull (Dynamite Baits)
John Shuttleworth (Larford)
Darren Hudson (Marukyu)
Francis O Reilly (Maver)