Bag’em Larford Pairs Friday 14th April 2017

48 anglers (24 pairs) fished the Match & Specimen Lakes. Conditions were cold & windy.


Individuals on the day were –

1st Dan Myers (Frenzee) 138-06-00 peg 26 Match Lake, via pole & pellet and down edge.


2nd Harry Harris (Bag’em Larford) 129-06-00 peg 28 Match Lake, via Method and down edge.


3rd Chris Cameron (Middy) 78-07-00 peg 16 Match Lake, via Bomb & Pellet.


4th Alison Jones (Colmic) 59-14-00 peg 42 Match Lake, via pole & pellet.


5th Phil Reynolds (PR Floats) 59-06-00 peg 46 Match Lake via pole & pellet


6th Adam Sharman (Bag’em Larford) 55-14-00 peg 68 Specimen Lake via Method



Winning team on the day was Phil Briscoe / Harry Harris 4 Points (weight advantage)

2nd Kieron Rich / John Jone 6pts

3rd Max G / Chris Senter 6pts

4th Chris Jones / Danny Myers 9pts

5th Brian Clark / Jack O’Sullivan 9pts