Bag’em Larford Open Match | Sunday 6th August 2017

32 anglers fished the latest Sunday open on the Specimen Lake and what a day fishing everyone enjoyed.

Winner on the day was Neil colcombe (Larford) who drew peg 8 on the burr weighing 231-00-00.
Neil caught on bomb & pellet and later on the pole short with meat catching fish well over 200lbs

2nd on the day was Chris Bradrey (Dynamite Baits) who drew peg 16 on the burr weighing 229-06-00 to bomb & pellet and paste short.
Chris was knocked back by 30lbs so could have won the match overall.

3rd placed Mark Hawthorne (Bait Tec) drew peg 4 weighing 192-11-00.
Mark caught on bomb & pellet and down his edge fishing corn & meat- he also weighed a number of 20lbs fish.

4th on the day was fishery owner Phil Briscoe (Colmic) who fished bomb & pellet and paste short on peg 14 weighing 192-00-00.
Phil was also knocked back.

5th placed Brian Jones drew peg 6 weighing 158-03-00 to bomb & pellet and meat short.

6th on the day was Phil Bishop (Larford) who drew peg 12 weighing 129-06-00. Phil caught all of his fish short on meat.