Bag’em Larford Open Match | Saturday 20th May 2017

28 anglers fished the Match Lake Grass in wet & sunny conditions.


Winner on the day was Neil McKinnon (Preston) from peg 14 with a weight of 100-09-00. Neil has caught on method, bomb and down his edge.


2nd Martin Harrell (Bag’em Larford) from peg 10 weighing in 84-08-00. Martin has caught on bomb & pellet and short pole


3rd Max G (PR Floats) peg 20 weighing in 83-03-00. Max has caught on method, bomb & pellet.


4th Mark Skidmore (Bag’em Larford) from peg 16 with 75-09-00 catching on method and his edge. Mark also won his section too.


5th Neil Colcombe (Bag’em Larford) from peg 26 his weight was 46-00-00. Neil Caught on method & down his edge.


6th was Phil Briscoe (Bag’em Larford) from peg 2 weighing in 43-00-00. Phil caught at 8 meters with paste winning him his section.