Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs Round 2 | 6th March 2017



Strong breeze and patchy rain greeted the 16 pairs fishing round 2 of the spring pairs.




Winning team on the day was Ian Wood & Brian Jones scoring 3 points and a total weight of 139-07-00. Ian caught on method feeder from the Specimen Lake and Brian caught at 8m on pellet from the Match Lake.


2nd team on the day was Brian Clark & Rich Lawson scoring 4 points and total weight of 89-00-00.

Brian caught on open end feeder on the Specimen Lake and Rich caught on method feeder & pole down his edge.


3rd placed Chris Senter & Max G scored 5 points. Max caught on method with pink boilies on the Match Lake and Chris catching on method feeder.

Between them they weighed 87-02-00.


4th on the day was Paul Cook & Ray Lamb scoring 6 points and weighing a level 64-00-00.


Teams overall after 2 round

PositionNameWeightPools winnings
1stPhil Canning13-07-00Collecting £1000
2ndAndy Lumb108-11-00Collecting £500
3rdShaun McCarthy101-05-00Collecting £300
4thPaul Cook87-02-00Collecting £200

Top 6 Individuals

AStu Lister57-12-00
BLuke Bamford63-15-00
CSteve Partington60-07-00
DStu Homewood76-10-00
EAndy Bailey70-12-00
FPhil Briscoe56-00-00
GNeil Colcombe76-00-00
HChris Senter66-08-00

Mark Skidmore also qualifies for the Bag’em Classic Qualifier