Bag’em Larford Lakes Silver Fish 4 day Festival

Monday 27th February – Thursday 2nd March 2017


41 anglers entered the popular Bag’em Larford Silver Fish Festival and were all rewarded with tremendous fishing on both the Match & Specimen Lakes.

Conditions were nothing short of awful with drowning rain, overnight frost and a strong freezing wind. Despite near arctic conditions, bream, skimmers, roach & rudd fed in numbers.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-04 at 13.33.1199Overall winner was Jamie Harrison (Matrix) who fished a near perfect 4 day festival.

Jamie drew the Specimen Lake for the first three days and the Match Lake on day 4 finishing the festival with 7 points, recording 2points on day one, 1 point on day two, 1 point on day three and 3 points on day 4, recording a total weight of 117lbs – 11oz

Jamie’s method throughout  the festival was cage feeder, fished at 15m and 30m with dead reds.

Jamie collected £1000 for the festival win plus lake and section wins, netting him £1300 in all.


2nd overall was Spud Murphy (Tredegar) who recorded a 10 point total and cumulative weight of 96-01-00. Spuds approach was cage feeder & pole which accounted for quality skimmers and bream all to dead reds fished over ground bait

Spud collected £750 for second place plus section wins


3rd placed Lee Pesticcio (Tredegar AC) fished a steady match scoring an 11 point total and a cumulative weight of 82-03-00

Lee’s approach was cage feeder & dark groundbait with dead reds on the hook.

He was rewarded with some good bream, skimmers and roach and collected £500 overall.


4th on the festival was local angler Paul Cook (Frenzee) who landed a total of 96-06-00 to cage feeder & red maggot. Paul scored 12 pts with a superior weight to 5th placed Geoff Valance. Paul collected £350 plus section prizes .


5th overall was Geoff Valance who landed 93-15-00 and a 12 pts overall score collecting £150 plus section wins.

Geoff’s attack was cage feeder at both 15m and 30m with dead maggots fished over groundbait.


Top 10 placings:-

1stRay Cossins (ABC Baits)46 Specimen LakeMethod & Pole120-09-00
2ndHarry Harris (Larford)39 Match LakeMargins119-07-00
3rdChris Cameron ( Middy Old Ghost)18 Specimen LakeMethod118-04-00
4thChris Shepherd ( Pontypandy)28 Specimen LakeMargins107-02-00
5thNeil Morgan (Cwmbran Nobblers)97-04-00
6thGeraint Powell85-07-00


In total, 2735lbs of fish were weighed in despite a number of anglers not weighing on day 4 so the average being almost 67lbs per angler.

The star performer by way of the lakes was the Match Lake which produced stunning bags of skimmers, odd big bream, roach & rudd.


To win on the Match Lake, 30lbs each day was required with almost every angler in the section requiring 25lbs or more to finish in the top 5 of the section.


Superb fishing and very friendly field of angler.
Hopefully we will see you all again next year.
Well done to all.