Bag’em Larford Lakes | August Festival 2017



Again, a sell out for this popular annual festival at Larford Lakes. 60 anglers made their draw for sections on both the Specimen, Match and Arena Lakes.  
ian giddings august festival 2017



Scored on a points system with weight coming into play in the event  of a tie it was local angler Ian Giddins who finally took the honors.  

Ian had a favorable draw on most days and made full advantage of 3 end pegs out of five.  
ian giddings august festival 20172



That being said, he fished a superb festival scoring 7 points and a total weight of 290-220kilos (644lbs) averaging 129lbs per day.  



The Bag’em sponsored angler collected £1000 plus lake and section wins totaling around £1500 in prize funds. 


Second overall was Shaun McCarthy (Mossella) who fished brilliantly from some difficult pegs. 

Shaun also scored 7 points in total but had a lesser overall weight of 233-550kilos (518lbs) 103lbs per day. 


Local angler Harry Harris (Larford) turned in a great performance scoring 9 points over the 5 days and recording a weight of 222-360kilos (493lbs) 99lbs of fish per day as an average. 


Fourth overall was Grant Albutt (Drennan) scoring a point total of 9 but decided by weight with 182-480kilos 405lbs. 


Fifth was also a 9-point total and went to Warren Jennings (Bag’em) with a weight over the 5 days of 154-200 kilos (342lbs) 


Sixth place went to Andy Power (Preston) with a 10-point total and an overall weight of 229-280kilos (509lbs). 


TeamRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Total
Muffers Divers2033 (weight)182526122
Bag'em Winter Wonders23 (weight)1214321495
Cookies Monsters2313401814108
Garbolino25 (weight)27512520134
Brain's Boys2536162633136
Ledbury Tackle2629432923150
Golden Reel Larford31 (weight)25302526137
H.T. Angling3137273432161
Sheila's Boys35 (weight)22 (weight)192732135
Old Ghost3530322729153
Maver Harecombe3735383437181
Miss Fits4139263249187


The festival week produced a total of 8,100kilos of fish over the 5 days (17,982lbs) averaging 305lbs per man 

A brilliant week enjoyed by all of the 60 competitors 

Due to the popularity of the event, names are already being taken for the 2018 event.