Larford Winter League Round 3 | 4th December 2016

Winter League


56 anglers fished the 3rd round of the Larford Winter League in freezing cold conditions.


The ice had to be broken on the morning of the match so catches were certain to be low.


Winner on the day was Max G (PR Floats)  who drew peg 30 on the Specimen Lake.

Max fished Method long to weigh 66-10-00.


2nd on the day was Rob Skellet (Cwmbran Nobblers) who drew peg 44 on the Match Lake

Rob weighed 55-00-00 on pole & Method.


3rd on the day was Neil McKinnon (Preston) who drew peg 76 on the Specimen Lake.

Neil caught on Method & open end feeder to catch carp & bream for a weight of 40-02-00


4th placed Warren Jennings (Bagem) drew peg 36 on the Match Lake and caught carp and bream to method weighing 37-06-00.


5th on the day was Martin Harrell (Larford) who drew peg 48 on the Match lake weighing 36-11-00 to Method feeder.


6th placed Chris Senter (Alans Tackle) who drew peg 46 on the Match Lake weighing 35-09-00 to the Method.


Teams on the day :-

1stBag-em Winter Wonders14pts
2ndCookies Monsters25pts (weight)
3rdMaver Harescombe25pts (weight)
4thTredegar AC25pts
5thSalad Dodgers

League overall after 3 rounds- 

1stWinter Wonders63 pts
2ndTredegar AC75pts
3rdGarbolino & Larford77pts


Paul Law also qualifies for the Larford Classic in May 2017