Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs Final Round Saturday 15th April 2017

Match Lake larford pairs

The 5th and final round of the Bag’em Larford Pairs was held on the Specimen & Match Lakes.


Overall winner on the day was Mick Bull (Frenzee) who drew peg 64 on the Specimen Lake

Mick weighed 120-12-00 to long pole & pellet plus some quality carp down his edges.


2nd on the day was Danny Bache (Bag’em) who drew peg 19 on the Specimen Burr.

Dan caught on bomb & pellet and later on the pole short to weigh 111-03-00


3rd placed Neil Morgan (Cwmbran Nobblers) drew peg 42 on the Match Lake weighing 105-00-00 to long pole & pellet and late down his edges.


4th on the day was Simon Deakin (Tubertini Ludlow) who drew peg 67 on the Specimen Lake, Simon caught on method feeder and long pole and later down his edges to weigh 104-06-00


5th placed Chris Senter (Bag’em Larford) drew peg 50 on the Match Lake weighing 101-00-00 to pole & pellet short and later down his edges.


6th on the day was Ray Lamb (Bag’em Larford) who drew peg 45 on the Match Burr.

Ray fished down his edges to weigh 99-06-00.


Neil Morgan also qualifies for the Bag’em Larford Classic

Final League placing after 5 rounds –

1stPaul Cook & Ray Lamb25pts (collecting £640)
2ndBrian Clark & Rich Lawson29pts (collecting £420)
3rdPhil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe31pts (collecting £320)
4thMick Bull & Warren Jennings36pts (collecting £150)
5thChris Senter & Max G39pts
6thHT Angling41pts (weight)
7thAdam Sharman & Mark Skidmore41pts
8thRob Wiltshire & Neil Morgan42pts
9thIan Wood & Brian Jones43pts
10thPerry Mountain & Rob Cox49pts
11thSimon Deakin & Rich Weaver52pts (weight)
12thSimon Harris & Paul Bucknall52pts
13thTracey Holland & Tex Anstice54pts (weight)
14thMaver Harescombe Pink54pts
15thMaver Harescombe56pts
16thMarcus Watkins & Paul Hull90pts