Bag’em Larford Grand Masters Qualifier 26th February 2017

      51 anglers fished today in wet & windy conditions.       Winner on the day was Chris Senter (Shakespeare) peg 42, Match burr, catching 122-01-00 of fish. Chris caught down his edge on corn   2nd on the day was Grant Albutt (Drennan Dynamite) who drew peg 37 on the Match Burr with a weight of 115-00-00 fishing corn over pellet on pole   3rd on the day was Danny Baker (Tredegar A/C) who drew peg 26 on the Match Grass weighing in 103-03-00 on method and short pole.   4th placed Jamie Harrison (Matrix Bait- Tec) drew peg 20 on the Match grass weighing in 94-09-00. Jamie caught on method.   5th on the day was Geoff Valance (Preston) who drew peg 6 on the Speci burr landing 91-12-00. Geoff Caught on Method   6th on the day was Ian Wood (Bag'em Larford) who drew peg 74 on the Speci Chalet with a weight of 89-09-00. Ian caught on Method.  

Danny Baker, Geoff Valance, Brian Jones, Geraint Powell & Mark Turner all qualify for the Grand Master final.

Qualifiers for the Bag'em Larford Grand Masters Final- 

1stHT Angling16 pts
2ndBrian's Boys19pts
3rdCookies Monsters23pts
4thTredegar AC25pts (weight)
5thMuffers Divers25pts
6thLarford Golden Reel29pts

Geraint Powell & J Turner also qualifies for the Bag'em Larford Classic final too.