Bag’em Larford Classic Qualifier 25th March 2017

bag'em larford classic

15 Anglers fished the Bag’em Larford Classic Qualifier on the Match Lake.


1st placed Brian Clark drew peg 12 and weighed in 50-07-00 from Method & down his edge.


2nd placed Brian Cochrane ( Reddital) drew peg 28, landing 48-06-00, fishing Method & down his edge.


3rd placed Brian Jones drew peg 48, catching 45-04-00 fishing bomb & pellet and down his edge.


4th on the day was Chris Shepherd, landing 35-03-00 to bomb & pellet and down his edge.


5th place Carl Brooks weighed in 33-05-00, fishing corn long & down his edge.


6th placed John Hannan landed 31-05-00 to method & down his edge.


Carl Brooks qualifies for the May 2017 final.

Qualifiers so far-

1stWinter Wonders63 pts
2ndTredegar AC75pts
3rdGarbolino & Larford77pts

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