Bag’em Larford Classic Qualifier 17th April 2017

bag'em larford classic

14 anglers fished the bank holiday Monday open on the Specimen Lake and it was Brian Clark (Vespe) who won the day with 129-03-00 mainly to the method feeder.


2nd placed Jack O’Sullivan caught quality carp on method feeder to weigh 126-06-00 from peg 8


3rd on the day was Andy Neal (Bait Tec Milo) weighing in 85-04-00 from peg 24. Andy caught on method and pole long


4th placed Spud Murphy Caught a superb grass carp of 15lbs+ plus some commons down his edge on corn.

Spud weighed over 40lbs of bream on long pole and worm to weigh a total of 80-07-00


Spud Murphy, Mark Jones & Mal Jefferies all qualify for the May Final

Qualifiers so far-

1stWinter Wonders63 pts
2ndTredegar AC75pts
3rdGarbolino & Larford77pts

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