Bag’em Larford Classic Final 30th April & 1st May 2017

classic final 2017

80 anglers booked on for this popular final.

Weather conditions were far from perfect with a very heavy wind on day one and heavy showers on day 2.

The conditions left the fishery fishing under par and weights were lower than normal.

That being said, multiple 100lbs weights were recorded.


Day 1 Results

1stMatt Blackmore (Garbolino)16 Match LakeMethod140-12-00
2ndNeil McKinnon (Preston)24 Match LakeMethod124-06-00
3rdSam Brown (Maver)48 Specimen LakeMethod & Edge118-12-00
4thSteve Partington42 Match Burr106-07-00
5thRob Wiltshire (Cwmbran Nobblers)52 Specimen Lakepole 9m & down edge101-12-00
6thAndy Crocker22 Match Lake99-11-00

Day 2 Results

1stRay Cossins (ABC Baits)46 Specimen LakeMethod & Pole120-09-00
2ndHarry Harris (Larford)39 Match LakeMargins119-07-00
3rdChris Cameron ( Middy Old Ghost)18 Specimen LakeMethod118-04-00
4thChris Shepherd ( Pontypandy)28 Specimen LakeMargins107-02-00
5thNeil Morgan (Cwmbran Nobblers)97-04-00
6thGeraint Powell85-07-00

Overall winners of the Bag’em Larford Classic after 2 Days

1st Carl Brookes 2 points Collecting £1300 plus £100 section prizes

2nd  Ray Cossins (ABC Baits) 3 points (weight 176-13-00) Collecting £1000 & section prizes

3rd Matt Blackmore (Garbolino) 3 points (weight 175-06-00) 

4th Paul Cook (Frenzee) 3 points (135-10-00)