Lake Rules

  1. All competitors must use three keepnets and split the catch equally.
  2. All nets used for retaining carp must be of carp-friendly sack mesh. (Nets can be hired at £5.00 per session). Anyone not in possession of carp-friendly nets will not be allowed to fish, and ideally, nets should carry the Angling Foundation’s Waterlily logo for maximum fish-friendly protection.
  3. Fish to be weighed bringing bottom ring through keepnet only. Our fishery staff weighs all matches.
  4. All carp must be netted. No swinging in of fish at any time. Landing nets must be of a fish-friendly material ideally polyester and, if possible featuring the Waterlily logo.
  5. Strictly barbless hooks only. Hook checks will be made during competitions. Anyone found to be using barbed hooks will be asked to leave the site. Maximum hook size 10.
  6. Ground bait on Match Lake to be fed by pole cup or feeder only or what can be squeezed in one hand only.
  7. Pellets: Maximum 4 bags per angler. All feed pellets must be purchased from the fishery.
  8. Elasticated method feeders, in line or conventional feeders allowed.
  9. No cat food, dog meat, bloodworm or joker or macaroni cheese on ALL lakes.
  10. No floating hook or feed baits on any of the lakes.
  11. No floating poles.
  12. Fishing from the banks or stages only – NO wading or placing platforms in the water unless agreed with the fishery management.
  13. No bait to be thrown on the banks at the finish of a competition.
  14. All litter including cigarette ends to be cleared from the peg on completion. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
  15. No pole tapping or cupping water.
  16. All pole rigs must have a fixed float 6″ minimum from pole tip or longer.
  17. Hook length from the nose of the method feeder to the hook must be a minimum of 4″ (Strictly NO braided hook lengths).
  18. No feeder floats allowed.
  19. Boilies will be allowed in matches.
  20. No PVA bags (tea bags)
  21. No artificial baits including plastic sweetcorn.
  22. No feeding by pole cup whilst fishing with a rod already cast into the Lakes. NFA rules apply.
  23. Maximum ground bait allowance in any match to be no more than 5kg dry mix.
  24. No ground baiting by catapult on any of the Lakes. Ground bait must be fed by hand only.
  25. No bubble floats.
  26. No feeders can be fished on the pole (this includes method feeders)
  27. Maximum of 4 tins of luncheon meat per 5 hour match and 4 tins of sweetcorn per 5 hour match

River Rules

  1. Pleasure anglers must dip their nets if transferring from river to a lake, and must confirm the transfer with the fishery manager.
  2. Fishing from 7am to dusk (night fishing by special arrangement only).
  3. Only one rod to be used during matches. Maximum 2 rods during pleasure sessions.
  4. Transfer of fish from river to lake, or vice versa is strictly forbidden.
  5. All litter must be taken home.
  6. Trout and Salmon are to be returned immediately.
  7. Car parking in designated areas only.
  8. No bait restrictions.