Larford Grand Masters Sunday 27th November 2016




32 anglers fished in today’s Larford Grand Masters. Temperatures have risen a bit to highs of 8C, overcast and a light breeze.




1st on the day was Bernard Ball (Carp Cruncher) who drew peg 2 on the Arena Lake.

Bernard caught on bomb & pellet and bomb and waffle to weigh 93-08-00.


2nd on the day was Ray Lamb (Larford) who drew peg 66 on the Specimen Lake.

Ray had three good carp on the method and the rest on long pole with pellet to finish the day with 86-14-00


3rd placed Neil Colcombe (Larford) who drew peg 74 on the Specimen Lake weighing 61-04-00 to method & long pole.


4th on the day was Matt Blackmore (Garbolino/Dynamite Baits) who weighed 53-13-00 from peg 46 on the Match Lake.

Matt caught on Method and long pole & pellet.


5th placed Sam Brown (Maver) drew peg 72 on the Specimen Lake weighing 50-01-00. Sam caught on the Method & long pole weighing in carp & bream.


6th on the day was Warren Jennings who drew peg 1 on the Arena Lake weighing 45-09-00.


Section winners-


‘A’ Match Burr

‘B’ Speci Burr

‘C’ Speci Chalet

‘D’ Arena

Martin Harrell 35-09-00

Brian Clark 29-11-00

Sam Brown 50-01-00

Warren Jennings 45-09-00

The winner collected £200, 2nd £150, 3rd £100 & 4th £80

Bernard Ball, Ray Lamb, Neil Colcombe, Matt Blackmore & Warren Jennings all qualify for the Grand Master final.

Qualifiers for the Grand Masters Final- 

1stHT Angling16 pts
2ndBrian's Boys19pts
3rdCookies Monsters23pts
4thTredegar AC25pts (weight)
5thMuffers Divers25pts
6thLarford Golden Reel29pts

 Bernard Ball also qualifies for the Larford Classic final too.