Larford Feeder Championship Opening Qualifier Sunday 9th June 2019

The opening qualifier took place today. Attendance was disappointing with just 14 anglers turning out for the opening round.
Fishing was difficult with a big drop in temperatures and heavy rain for three solid days.

Winner today and progressing to the October Final was Mick Bull (Frenzee / Bag’em) with 103-11-00.
Mick caught most of his carp and bream on the method feeder with waffter and pellet hook bait from peg 24 on the burr bank.

The opposite bank being the chalet bank produced second overall being Warren Jennings (Bag’em) from peg 80.
Warren caught all his carp and bream on bomb and pellet weighing in 97-02-00.

Third on the day was Gregg Newland from peg 64 with 62-11-00 of carp and bream.
Gregg fished the method feeder with waffters.

Fourth overall was Paul Cook (Frenzee) from peg 28 with 56-11-00. Paul caught on the method fished at distance with waffters.

Fifth placed Terry Winston drew peg 20 landing carp and bream to the method weighing in 56-04-00.

Sixth overall was Mick Dewhurst from peg 76 with 52-01-00.

Qualifiers – Mick Bull & Warren Jennings