Commercial Gold Open Saturday 24th August 2019

50 anglers turned out for the latest big money competition.
Conditions were far from ideal with highs of 31C, very little breeze and a high pressure.
Needless to say, fish were swimming shallow on both lakes and difficult to catch.
Further more, the heavy rain and serious drop in temperature the previous week had crashed the algae on the Match Lake leaving the water crystal clear.

All that being said 200lbs was still needed to win.

Andy Morley who is a Golden Reel Finalist on September 14th, drew peg 30 on the Match Lake.
Andy was knocked back on his overall weight due to going over in his nets weighing in 195-2-0 which should have been over 200lbs.
Andy caught on meat down his edges all match which produced a fine bag of carp to 8lbs. Andy will certainly be a big threat and worth a bet in the Golden Reel Final on September 14th.

Second overall was Chris Wells from peg 64 on the Match Lake.
Chris caught most of his fish shallow with meat and later down his edges again with meat landing 160-2-0.

3rd on the day was Rob Taylor (Guru) from peg 46 on the Match Lake with 140-14-0.
Rob fished shallow with pellet and later down his edges with meat over ground bait.

4th to the frame was Dan Bowen who is a finalist in September, with 122-10-0.
Dan drew peg 28 on the Match Lake, casting on both the bomb and pellet and method feeder.
Later in the match he switched to his edges fishing meat over pellet.

5th placed Phil Canning (Frenzee) is another September finalist.
Phil drew peg 24 on the Match Lake weighing in 103-12-0.
Phil caught on the method with waffter hook baits, casting  tight to the island.

6th in the frame was Mark Griffiths (Guru) from Match lake peg 4.
Mark caught down his edges with dead reds and feeding the same to weigh in 98-12-0.