Colmic / Bag’em Larford Classic 2017 / 2018

Bag’em Larford Classic is coming to Severn Sports & Leisure May 2018 for another quality match competition.

The current qualifiers for the competition are –


Ian Wood

Ray Lamb

Martin Harrell

Chris Bradney

Rob Wiltshire

Warren Jennings

Phil Bishop

Steve Rocke

Chris Cameron

Andy Oldham

Paul Cook

Dan Baker

Gavin Wright

Steve Shaw

Grant Albutt

Andy Crocker

Simon Harris

Chris Senter

Scott Poynton

Matt Blackmore

Jack O’Sullivan

Rob Brennan

Neil Colcombe

Prezmeck Solski

Paul Edwards

Darren Fisher

Dave Powell

Carl Brookes

Luke Webster

Richie Hull

Phil Briscoe

Simon Deakin

Paul Bucknall

Matt Benwell

Mark Turner


To qualify for the competition, join the Bag’em Larford Classic qualifiers match to pit your angling skills against top anglers who are hoping to get into the final.

Bag’em Larford Classic Qualifier matches are –

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