Larford Summer Festival 2016 August 1st -5th

Center Winner Neil McKinnen, left 2nd Andy Powers, right 3rd Steve Forster

Great 5 day festival at Larford Lakes with 8,090Kg of fish caught.



46 anglers booked in for the popular summer festival at Larford Lakes and Sport for all competitors was nothing short of remarkable.

A total of 8,090Kg  was recorded for the week (17,960lbs) providing a daily average of 78lbs per man per day.



Winner overall was Preston’s Neil McKinnon

He recorded a total points score of 9 and cumulative weight of 271.42Kg (603lbs) or 120lbs per day average.


Neil collected £1350 prize money, which included 2 lake wins and a section win.

Neil McKinnonDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Daily Weight Kg72.940.2446.4872.2239.58
Daily Points11214
Cumulative Weight72.9113.14156.62231.84271.42



Second placed Andy Power (Preston) was one point behind recording a 10 point total winning the Arena Lake on day 1 with 79.92Kg (177lbs) and first in the Specimen Lake on day 5.

Andy’s total weight for the week was 303.06Kg (672lbs), averaging just short of 135lbs per day.

Andy’s collected £750 prize money for second place, which also included a lake win and a section win.

Andy PowerDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Daily Weight Kg72.9254.7256.1843.7875.46
Daily Points12331
Cumulative Weight Kg72.92127.64183.82227.6303.06


Third place overall was Steve Forster (Kiverton Hall) who also recorded a 10 point total but recorded a lower overall weight of 288Kg (639lbs) averaging 128Lbs per day.

Steve collected £750 prize money, recording two lake wins and a section win.

Steve ForsterDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Daily Weight Kg94.747.1236.1663.8846.10
Daily Points11314
Cumulative Weight Kg94.7141.82177.98241.86287.96


Fourth place overall was secured by Andy kinder (Maver) with 11 points.

Remarkably, Andy recorded the largest cumulative weight over the five days with a massive 316.86Kg (703lbs), averaging 140lbs per day.

Andy collected £400 prize money, including two section wins.

Andy kinderDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Daily Weight Kg66.7463.9282.6283.7449.84
Daily Points12323
Cumulative Weight Kg66.74130.66213.28267.02316.86


Fifth overall was recorded by Paul Cook (Larford Lakes) who recorded a 12 point overall score and a weight of 248kg (550lbs)  averaging 110lbs per day.

Paul won the Arena Lake on Day 3 and secured 2 further section wins collecting £400 prize money in total.

Paul CookDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Daily Weight Kg88.4150.6229.3649.7829.92
Daily Points25113
Cumulative Weight Kg88.41139.03168.39218.17248.09

6th place – Paul Hiller (Daiwa Dorking) 13 Points and a total weight of 235.56Kg (525lbs)

7th place – Ollie Scotthorne (Barnsley Blacks) 14 ponits and a total weight of 252.68Kg (561lbs)

8th Place – Matt Blackmore (Garbolino) 15 points and a total weight of 207.474Kg (460lbs)

9th Place – Mick Todd (kinverton Hall) 16 points and a total weight of 242.31Kg (538lbs)

10th Place – Mick Dewhurst (Ted Carters) 16 Points and a total weight of 223.93Kg (497lbs)

PositionNameDay 1 PointsDay 2 PointsDay 3 PointsDay 4 PointsDay 5 PointsTotal points
Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations)112149
Andy Power (Preston Innovations)1233110
Steve Forster (Kiverton Hall)1131410
Andy kinder (Maver)1232311
Paul Cook (Larford Lakes)2511312

Conditions were mixed with heavy rain on Monday & Tuesday. The remainder of the week was good. A stiff breeze with bright sunshine and temperatures around 23-24C


Methods were Method feeders and short pole with meat scoring well on the Specimen Lake

Short pole banded pellet and meat working well on the Match Lake.

Short pole Method working well on the Arena Lake.

All lakes responded well to the edge later in the match.


Over all lots of quality carp up to 25lb recorded,  large bags of bream were also recorded.


With 17,960lbs of fish caught in just 5 days, confirms its business as usual at Larford Lakes

Is there any fishery in the country that can do better than this, if there is we would like to hear about it?


Our thanks to all the anglers & friends that fished the festival.


For the record the festival for 2017 is already a sellout with all ticket sold for 31st July – 4th August 2017

Enquires for 2018 are being taken.

For the full result, please see the matrix of daily results.