Larford Open Match 7th May 2017

29 anglers fished, conditions were bright sunshine & 18c Fishing was excellent from most pegs with carp caught shallow on the pole, bagging waggler and down the edges.   Winner of the match was Max G (PR Floats) who drew peg 10 on the Specimen Burr. Max caught shallow on the pole & also on the bagging waggler to weigh a colossal 217-05-00 of quality carp.   2nd on the day was Mark Skidmore (Larford) who drew peg 4. Mark fished shallow on the pole and down his edges to weigh 208-00-00   3rd overall was Phil Briscoe (Larford) who drew peg 28, Phil fished bomb & pellet and later down his edges to weigh 177-01-00.   4th on the day was Neil Colcombe (Larford) who weighed 165-02-00 to pole long with pellet and paste at 6m from peg 25   5th placed Paul Cook (Frenzee) weighed 139-12-00 to pole shallow and 6m to depth from peg 7   6th overall was Harry Harris (Larford) with 136-01-00 to pole shallow and down his edges.