Larford Lake Open Results August 14th

Specimen Lake

34 Anglers turned out for the Sunday Open on Specimen Lake


Conditions were humid and flat calm.


Winner on the day was Chris senter (Shakespeare) who drew peg 8. Chris caught all his fish on long pole shallow on meat and pellet weighing 166.4.0.


2nd place went to Luke Webster (PR floats) from peg 20. Luke caught on pellet waggler landing 109.7.0.


3rd place went to Neil Colcombe (Larford) drew peg 60 and found carp feeding well to pellet waggler ending the day with 106-6-0


4th placed Dave White (Maver Midlands) drew peg 12 catching carp on pellet waggler and pole with meat to finish the day with 95-14-0


1Chris senter (Shakespeare)8long pole shallow on meat and pellet166-04-00
2Luke Webster (PR floats)20pellet waggler landing109-07-00
3Neil Colcombe (Larford)60pellet waggler106-06-00
4Dave White (Maver Midlands)12pellet waggler and pole with meat95-14-00
5Chris Goergen (France)2894-08-00
6Mke williams (Wakes)1484-13-00