Larford Grand Masters Wednesday 28th December 2016





40 anglers turned out for the latest Grand Masters at Larford Lakes. Temperatures were a bitter -4C and morning mist.




Winner on the day and collecting £400 was Max G (PR Floats) from peg 48 on the Match Lake.

Max caught on the long pole with soft pellet weighing 46-07-00.


2nd on the day was Martin Harrell (Larford) who drew next to Max on peg 46 on the Match Lake.

Martin caught on method and long pole weighing 39-04-00 and collecting £300.


3rd placed Mick Bull (Frenzee) drew peg 12 on the Specimen Lake and caught on long pole & method weighing 37-14-00


4th on the day was Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling) who drew peg 19 on the Arena Lake.

Richard caught on bomb weighing 28-13-00


5th on the day was Pete Black with 24-09-00


5th on the day was Grant Albutt with 24-07-00



The winner collected £400, 2nd £300, 3rd £200 & 4th £100

Martin Harrell , Mick Bull, Rich Lawson,Pete Black & Grant Albutt all qualify for the Grand Master final.

Qualifiers for the Grand Masters Final- 

NameQualify Date
Fran O’reilly ( Bag-em Baits, Rays Tackle)23/10/2016
Shaun McCarthy23/10/2016
Paul Cook (Frenzee)23/10/2016
Chris Cameron (Middy)03/09/2016
Les Thompson (Matrix)03/09/2016
Max G (PR Floats)17/07/2016
John James03/09/2016
Pete Jones03/09/2016
Mark Skidmore03/09/2016
Ian Wood (Larford)23/10/2016
Przemek Solski23/10/2016
Matt Marshall17/07/2016
Glynn Reynolds17/07/2016
Stu Holmewood17/07/2016
Sam Brown17/07/2016
Bernard Ball (Carp Cruncher)27/11/2016
Ray Lamb (Larford)27/11/2016
Neil Colcombe (Larford)27/11/2016
Matt Blackmore (Garbolino/Dynamite Baits)27/11/2016
Warren Jennings ( winter Wonders)27/11/2016
Martin Harrell (Larford)28/12/2016
Mick Bull (Frenzee)28/12/2016
Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling)28/12/2016
Pete Black28/12/2016
Grant Albutt28/12/2016
Chris Senter (Shakespeare)29/01/2017
Andy Fullylove (Preston)29/01/2017
Chris Shepherd29/01/2017
Jamie Harrison (Matrix Bait -Tec)29/01/2017
Phil Briscoe (Larford)29/01/2017
Danny Baker (Tredegar A/C)26/02/2017
Geoff Valance (Preston)26/02/2017
Brian Jones (ABC Baits)26/02/2017
Geraint Powell26/02/2017
Mark Turner26/02/2017
Martin Eddis (Bag'em Larford)26/03/2017
Paul Bucknall (Little Dawley)26/03/2017
Brian Clarke26/03/2017
Perry Mountain26/03/2017

Pete Black & Grant Albutt also qualifies for the Larford Classic final too.