Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes Winter League Round 2| Sunday 12th November 2017

Colmic bag'em larford-700

A wet & windy start to the day with a stiff north wind and temperatures of just 6C


Individual winner today was Danny Bache (Bag’em) who drew peg 4 on the Speci Lake.

Danny fished method long and later on long pole & pellet to weigh 117-11-00


2nd overall was Mark Hawthorne (HT Angling) who drew peg 18 on the Match Lake.

Mark caught early on the pole & pellet and later on bomb & pellet to weigh 113-02-00


3rd on the day was Neil McKinnon (Preston) who caught on Method & pole to weigh 111-07-00 from peg 78 on the Speci Lake.


4th place went to Chris Senter (Burt Baits) who drew peg 52 on the Match Lake.

Chris caught on pole & pellet to weigh 108-08-00


5th placed Pete Bailey (Colmic) who drew peg 24 on the Match Lake and fished on pole & bomb & pellet to weigh 83-14-00.


6th overall was Matt Blackmore (Garbolino) who drew peg 16 on the Match Lake.

Matt fished Method & bomb & pellet to weigh 82-07-00


Team Points so far

#TeamRound 1Round 2Total
Muffers Divers2033 (weight)53
Bag'em Winter Wonders23 (weight)1235
Cookies Monsters231336
Garbolino25 (weight)2747
Brain's Boys253661
Ledbury Tackle262955
Golden Reel Larford31 (weight)2556
H.T. Angling313768
Sheila's Boys35 (weight)22 (weight)57
Old Ghost353065
Maver Harecombe373572
Miss Fits413980


Matt Blackmore also qualifies for the Classic final in May 2018