Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes | Bank Holiday Mini Festival 27th -28th August 2017

Colmic bag'em larford-700


16 anglers supported the August mini festival. Each angler fished one day on the Match Lake and one day on the Specimen Lake.
Conditions were hot and humid with a little or no breeze but fishing was outstanding.

Winner of the festival was Neil Colcombe (Colmic / Bagem Larford) who weighed 218-09-00 on day one from the Match Grass bank.
Neil was knocked back by around 70lbs overweight in his nets so could have weighed nearer 300lbs
Neil caught fishing pole shallow and bomb & pellet.
Day 2, Neil fished the Specimen lake weighing 145-02-00 to bomb & pellet and short on the pole.
Neil scored 4 points and a total weight of 363-11-00

2nd overall was Chris Bradney who weighed 220-05-00 on day one from the Match Lake fishing bomb & pellet.
Day 2 he weighed 92-01-00 from the Specimen Lake catching 60lbs of bream & 3 carp on bomb & pellet. He also scored 4 points but a lesser overall weight.

3rd overall was Shaun McCarthy (Mossella) who weighted 144-01-00 from peg 12 on the Specimen Lake all to bomb & pellet.
Day 2 he weighed 152-03-00 from the Match Lake fishing method to the island.

Neil Colcombe collected £380
Chris Bradney collect £260
Shaun McCarthy collected £184


Neil Colcombe4363-11-00
Chris Bradney4312-06-00
Shaun McCarthy4296-04-00
Steve Rocke5346-06-00
Presmek Solski5268-09-00
Danny Baker5257-13-00